-“Portia Sykes’ debut novel has it all: drama, comedy, the people and color of the high desert Southwest, an important message about what the effects of climate change could do to Mother Earth if left unchecked — even a little erotica. See what happens when two opposites attract as Saffron and Colton unite in their mission to save the world.”

-“It’s an interesting tale set in a possible scenario for young people who will be living with the growing consequences of our warming climate.”

-“Just like Twilight and 50 Shades this book and it’s follow ups have mass appeal. It’s a page turner with characters that draw you in with the kind of real life crossroads decisions we are all facing. Portia beautifully shows the clash of ideology and highlights how they are more similar than different. This is a must read for every adult on the planet.”

-“Get ready to enjoy a wonderful read that has you hooked from the first page. A wonderful and thoughtful story that asks readers to consider real current events through the eyes of characters who easily reflect people in your friendship circles in real life. Have read over and over!! Can’t wait for the next in the series!!”

-“This is a fun read. I learned a lot about the urgency of climate disruption, but it didn’t feel like bitter tonic. It was a readable, character-driven, adventurous, sexy, and informative book –all in one.”

-“I and 3 other people at my work absolutely loved this fast-read book! One team member dedicated their whole weekend to reading it all because they could not put it down. As a climate researcher, I can say it is scientifically very accurate. It also has wonderful characters and is the most erotic Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi) book I have ever read and — I have read a lot of Climate fiction books!”

-“Excellent and captivating story! I love it.”

-“I was hooked when I read the author’s Forward. The book didn’t let me down. he story was fast paced with enough twists and turns to keep me involved. It is a story well worth the read, especially now, in this time of rapidly accelerating climate change evidenced by fires in the west and devastating hurricanes and storms in the east. The characters were great. I liked every one of them particularly the two main characters, the young man and woman who found their life purpose and their love for each other. Hope she writes a sequel. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

-“I was an instant fan of Colton and Saffron!!! It was a delight to curl up with this book and allow the characters, their purpose and the enlightening story unfold. What a wonderful way to inform about current events along with entertain the reader with relatable characters that you cheer for from the first pages. I highly recommend this first book in The Hot Mess trilogy are a great treat to your soul in these times, to encourage you for the greatest good, and to delight you with a genuinely written novel.”

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