Finally, some Hope

When I began writing EAT THE MOON: A CLIMATIC LOVE STORY TO SAVE THE WORLD in 2017, the White House had removed the American government’s climate change website. There were many many reasons to be gloomy. Now, we have talks at the top to call for a global warming emergency. My church is devoting the summer to climate change discussions. The truth of our dire circumstances is finally getting out into the mainstream. For the first time in years, I feel like I can breathe.

Here is an excerpt from ETM from the chapter, The Big Rant. While writing, I used to “rant” and brainstorm ideas while walking my border collie. Many of those thoughts ended up in this section.

Thank you for your continued support and sharing of my first novel. SWALLOW THE SUN is developing slowly and steadily. Thank you for your patience. (New rants and ideas are getting woven into its pages.)

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